LYDIA Home Association has one mission of strengthening families to care for children and to care for children when families cannot. Below you will find our foundational pillar programs where you can learn more. 

Lydia - Pillar Program

1. Intact Family Services

Providing families with needed in-home services to prevent the removal of the children from their home and the need for out-of-home placement. 

The Intact Family Services Program was created with the goal to see the overall number of children in substitute care continue to decrease over time. Its primary purpose is to assist families who have been reported to DCFS for concerns of abuse or neglect and keep those families intact. 

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Through this program, LYDIA Home provides case management services to ensure families stay on track as well as counseling services for adults, children, couples, and families.

They go the extra mile and, when needed, provide substance abuse referrals for both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs for all family members.

LYDIA Home takes pride in also providing a variety of physical, mental, and behavioral health services.

LYDIA Home doesn’t stop there, they additionally provide parenting classes, as well as any referrals needed to services available in the community such as food pantries, housing, support groups, employment training, and continuing education programs.

LYDIA Home leaves no stone unturned in this program and will utilize any resource available to ensure a family is given the best possible chance at a successful outcome of keeping the family together in a safe and loving home.


Supervisor: Kimi Emery MS, MSW

2. Foster Care Program

Providing temporary foster care placement to children and youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, or other family problems.

This program includes placement for children with behavioral and emotional health problems that may require extra time, attention, or skills from foster parents with specialized training. 

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LYDIA Home’s Foster Care Program is second to none. They go above and beyond and ensure that children receive the care they need until the hopeful goal is achieved of seeing families reunited after foster care.  

The philosophy of LYDIA Home’s Foster Care Program is simply that, as God’s people, they have a responsibility to create a community that provides a home for these children (Psalm 82:3).  LYDIA Home believes that there is always a role to play in helping our children whether that’s by praying, giving time and financial support, or becoming a foster parent.  

Placing a child in a foster family home is not intended as a permanent living arrangement but to protect the child while the work is done to ensure a child’s successful future. LYDIA Home’s foster care staff work closely with DCFS, the natural family, and the foster family to always strive to achieve the one goal: reuniting children with their families.  

types of foster parenting

Respite Foster Care

Temporary care for children to relieve other foster parents during emergencies, vacation, or other circumstances for a few days or weeks.

Traditional Foster Care

Care for children ages 0 to 18 whose families are experiencing issues that make them unable to care for their children.

Specialized Foster Care

Care for children who have significant behavioral or emotional issues that require attention above the average foster child. The foster family must possess additional skills to meet the individual needs of the child. Foster parents who either already have necessary skills, or are willing to be trained to meet the special needs of these foster children, may become part of a “specialized” or “treatment” foster care program providing intensive services.

basic requirements of foster care

  • An Illinois resident, at least 25 years of age, with a verifiable income

  • In good physical and emotional health and is a mature, faithful Christian

  • Can be accepting of the temporary nature of foster care

  • Can work cooperatively with LYDIA, DCFS, and the natural family


Director: Malva Waters
(773) 355-5563

3. Residential Treatment Program

Children ages 6-18 receive intensive behavioral and emotional therapy to be able to successfully reintegrate into a positive family environment.

LYDIA Home’s Residential Treatment Program provides a structured, therapeutic environment for children and adolescents with serious behavioral issues, many of whom have been traumatized by abuse or neglect.

LYDIA Home provides healing and teaches these children the practical life skills they need to live in a home setting successfully. 

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Children are referred for residential treatment for serious emotional and behavioral challenges such as, but not limited to, aggression, suicidal thoughts, and impulsiveness.

Our staff of experts, which includes therapists, case managers, supervisors, child care workers, education specialists, consulting physicians, and a nurse, provide our residents with a high degree of structure and consistency.

This, in addition to genuine care and concern, enables children to feel safe so that they can start to heal and become successful members of society.

Whenever possible, we encourage family participation in the treatment process. This can be in numerous ways such as regular visits, activities, educational programs, ongoing staff consultations, and family therapy.

This is encouraged so that children and their family members have the opportunity to establish positive, healthy relationships as a family unit.

We also emphasize recreation and spiritual development for our residents.

Through church attendance, participation in youth programs, and faith-based instruction by the staff, we interact with the children and adolescents every day with a deep desire for them to experience God’s love and trust Him to bring lasting change in their lives.


Milieu Director: Beverly Triplet
(773) 653-2258

Clinical Director: Heather Baranowski
(773) 653-2257

4. Counseling Center

Providing counseling for individuals and families of all ages and backgrounds throughout Chicago. 

LYDIA Home Counseling Center opened in 1996 to help meet the growing needs in our community. Our counseling services are available to individuals or families from all religious, racial, and economic backgrounds. We accept BCBS, PPO, and BCBS Community insurance plans. We also have a sliding scale for qualifying self-pay clients.

our services

LYDIA counselors help clients of all ages and backgrounds, with services that include the following:

  • Counseling for children, teens, adults, and families

  • Couples counseling

  • Parent training

LYDIA Counseling Center opened in 1996 to help meet the many needs facing people in our community. Our services are available to individuals from all religious, racial, and economic backgrounds.


Why do I feel so anxious? Is my marriage going to survive? How can I be a better parent? Is it normal to feel this angry? Why do I feel so lonely? Are things ever going to get better?

The next step is to call LYDIA Counseling Center. We’re here to help!

Does life sometimes seem overwhelming and more than you can handle? If you are feeling lonely, confused, or disappointed, it may be a sign that you need the support of a trained, experienced therapist.

LYDIA Counseling Center assists adults, children, couples, and families who are facing a variety of potential difficulties. Since LYDIA Home has been serving families in various capacities for over 100 years, our particular specialization is in addressing the issues and problems associated with families.

LYDIA Counseling Center provides treatment for the following:

  • Depression, anxiety, and grief

  • Anger

  • Abusive relationships

  • Couples issues

  • Parent-child relationship problems

  • Caregiver burnout

  • Attention/learning difficulties

  • Workplace relationship issues

Our therapists at LYDIA Counseling Center have seen firsthand that issues such as these, left unattended, can eventually become overwhelming. It takes courage to seek help, but the peace and contentment you experience can be life-changing!





Call (773) 653-2261 at any time with your contact information to begin the intake process, or email us at counseling@rindoo.net.




intake forms

5. Safe Families for Children

Connecting trained, passionate volunteers to marginalized families who have been looking for a way to help provide for their children and provide safety while still keeping them in the home. 

Safe Families for Children was created as a solution to a problem that needed to be addressed—but in a different way. These families do not need foster care involvement but instead need strength, tools, community, and a helping hand.

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For years, LYDIA Home saw many children enter the child welfare system for reasons that could have been prevented had they had the right resources at their disposal. Determined to see more children protected and families intact, LYDIA Home founded Safe Families for Children in 2003. LYDIA Home is a volunteer-driven nonprofit that takes pride in providing the hope, support, and strength that families need.

At LYDIA Home, these families are surrounded with a caring, compassionate community that is ready to take action when a crisis arises. The mission of Safe Families for Children is to create an extended family support system. This furthers the vision to see and create a world where children do not just survive, but thrive and are safe, and where families are radically transformed to lead a successful, joyous life. 


Director: Joyce Moffitt
(773) 653-2200

6. Safe Families PLUS (Providing Lasting Unconditional Support)

Providing trained volunteer mentors to youth residents of LYDIA Home who are aging out of the foster care program.

Mentors are there to support residents through their early years of adulthood and ensure a safe, reliable connection as they transition into society. 

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At LYDIA Home, the impact isn’t just for the short term. This program was created to ensure LYDIA Home’s children not only receive top-notch care as they are raised but even after they have transitioned into society.

This program pairs trained volunteer mentors with youth aging out of the foster care system who could benefit from learning basic life skills and having a connection to a safe adult in their life.

Through this program, many youth become connected to and loved by a family or mentor who walks beside them throughout their early years of adulthood, dramatically decreasing many risk factors for youth aging out of the system.


Director: Andy Holmes
(767) 3456


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